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Vaporesso GTR Coil (3’lü Paket)


Vaporesso QF Coil (3’lü Paket)

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Vaporesso EUC Coil (5’li Paket)


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Vape wholesale global is an Vaporesso official vapes distributor ,Delivering the highest quality Vaporesso Ecig, Vaporesso Vape kit, Vaporesso Mods, Vaporesso Tanks, Vaporesso Coils, Vaporesso Vape Accessories. join us. Buy Vaporesso EUC Coils products at the best Wholesale prices. Vaporesso’s EUC coil (It is available in Mini ceramic 1.3ohm and Mini Traditional 1.4ohm.)system is easily one of the best vape coil setups on the market right now. Outstanding performance and high quality decide the EUC coil to be an affordable product for vapers. You change it without worrying about cost, you only need to change the minimal part that is with heating elements while maintaining the metal sleeve at a reasonable cost and avoiding any waste.

And it is in simple style with easy coil replacement characteristic. Just change your coil by turning the tank over and simply pulling out. Meaning you don’t need to throw away any juice in such an easy install way! Vaping with EUC, whether you are looking for big juicy clouds or subtle hits, EUC caters for all. If you’re bored of dud coils, burnt, dry hits, and coils that cost too much and burn out too quickly, you really need to check out Vaporesso’s EUC coils.

EUC coils are compatible with Vaporesso VM Tank/Veco Plus Tank/Veco Tank/Estoc Tank Mega/Estoc Tank.Also can be used with Vaporesso Gemini Tank/ORC Tank/TARGET Pro/TARGET Tank. But it needs a sleeve to work with these tanks.MINI EUC coils are compatible with the Vaporesso Drizzle Tank.Tanks Compatible: VM Tank | Veco (plus) Tank | Drizzle Tank

Physical Parameter
EUC CCELL 1.0Ω 10-13W
EUC MESHED 0.6Ω 16-22W
EUC Ceramic SS316 0.5Ω 20-35W
EUC Ceramic SS316 0.3Ω 35-40W
EUC Ceramic SS316 0.6Ω 40-55W
MINI EUC Ceramic SS316 1.3Ω 9-13W
EUC Traditional Clapton 0.5Ω 20-35W
EUC Traditional Clapton 0.4Ω 40-50W
EUC Traditional Clapton 0.3Ω 35-40W
EUC Traditional kanthal 0.2Ω 50-70W
EUC Traditional kanthal 0.16Ω 50-70W
MINI EUC Traditional kanthal 1.4Ω 9-13W

It comes with
1 x 5pcs Vaporesso EUC Coils


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Ceramic EUC SS316L 0.3ohm 35-40W, Ceramic EUC SS316L 0.5ohm 25-35W, Ceramic EUC SS316L 0.6ohm 40-55W, EUC 0.3Ω MESHED Coil, EUC 0.6Ω MESHED Coil (Tarot Nano ), EUC CCELL Coil 1.0Ω 10-14W, EUC MESHED Coil (VM) 0.6Ω 16-22W, Traditional EUC Clapton 0.3ohm 35-40W, Traditional EUC Clapton 0.4ohm 40-50W, Traditional EUC Clapton 0.5ohm 35-40W



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